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Don't make these DevOps MISTAKES! We made them for you so you don't have to

DevOps is Hard! And there are many common DevOps mistakes new engineers make.

What if we have a way for you to avoid those most common mistakes?


One question that I get over and over again is: How can I get better at DevOps?

And so I've teamed up with a group of awesome DevOps experts and content creators, and in this video we are gonna be going through some things you need to think about when starting your DevOps career, or even if you're already into DevOps.

And we are also going through our mistakes we made starting out so you don't make the same mistakes on your DevOps journey.

🦉We made these devops mistakes in our early career stages, and if you follow our advice you won't make them too.

🤩This video is the biggest collaboration on CoderDave's channel yet! You will find below all the links to these experts profiles and channels, make sure you check them out after you have finished here.

The Video

Alright, let's get into some of the biggest mistakes we made.

Enjoy the watch!

Link to the video:


I hope us talking about our mistakes was valuable for you. We've tried to share those mistakes we made and how to avoid them so you don't have to make them as well, and you can jump start your DevOps career.

Let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions about the points we have covered and go check out the awesome people that contributed to this video, you can find all of their info below.

You may also want to watch this video here, in which I've teamed up with another group of DevOps experts and shared their mistakes and how to avoid them.

Experts profiles

👲🏻 DevOps Experts in this video (appearance order):

Sid Palas - DevOps Directive

► YouTube:
► Twitter:
► Website:

Viktor Farcic - DevOps Toolkit

► YouTube:
► Twitter:
► LinkedIn:

Anais Urlichs

► YouTube:
► Twitter:
► Newsletter:

Christian Lempa - The Digital Life

► YouTube:
► Twitter:
► Instagram:

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