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Decentralized cloud storage (Dropbox or Google Photos clone) on IPFS?

n1try profile image Ferdinand Mütsch ・1 min read

Today I woke up with the following idea.

I thought that utilizing a system like IPFS combined with client-side file encryption it would probably be quite straightforward to build a truly decentralized / distributed alternative to Dropbox & Co. No single authority would be in charge of your files as they are distributed among potentially hundreds of network participants' computer, like with Torrent back in the days. Yet, due to encryption, nobody participating in hosting parts of your files on the network would actually be able to access them.

I was wondering if someone already built something like this? Do you know of some implementation?

What I found so far is SharpPhotos, but it seems to be in a very early stage of development and is not open source.

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Ferdinand Mütsch Author

In the meanwhile I found Peergos, which still looks a bit rough and early-stage but seems to be quite what I was looking for.

Also, there is a Nextcloud plugin to mount IPFS as an external storage. Combined with Nextcloud server-side encryption, this will serve a similar purpose.

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