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I'm curious, too! I've worked with all that linked data stuff at university and I really like the concepts. SPARQL is a pretty cool query language and the idea that all information is connected in a decentralized way is good. However, I think the main problem is adoption. In order for the semantic web to become useful it needs to be used way more extensively. And another problem is the tooling. For instance, as far is I know there are basically only two triple stores (Fuseki and Virtuoso) and I found them both awfully slow.

EDIT: Just in case you're interested: on top of a university project to semantically classify RDF properties' relevance according to their respective classes, I built a linked data-powered trivia application as kind of a proof of concept ;-)


One of my colleagues has attended a conference where it was said that by the end of the next year 80% of enterprises will have their taxonomies and ontologies, but I just don't see this happening yet.

On the topic of triple stores, there is AllegroGraph and Amazon has recently launched Neptune, their graph database as a service. It supports both triple stores and property graphs. But that's just for the storage, lack of development tools frustrates... 😐


What was mentioned as a reason for that growth? RDF is around since 2004 but it's not widely used. Maybe 80 % of enterprises will have a few ontologies for some purposes, but I don't think the semantic web will ever take off.

What project are you using those techniques in?

I'd have to double check that.

We're not using it yet in production, but are willing to adopt. I work in market research and it would be used to connect and link statistical data from various industries and countries, for instance sport matches, their attendance, team owners, companies that support them, etc.

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