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Generosity, Abundance, and What Do We Want

Fresh from the Seeds Labs

Seeds is a regenerative currency designed to create a better world.

It was born out of a question: What if, instead of incentivizing destructive behaviors, a financial system rewarded regenerative behaviors?

And so Seeds rewards its citizens for playing and being a part of the regeneration of the planet, there are rewards for reputation built over time, there are proposals for common good projects, weighed voting, and many more features. It's owned by all, completely decentralized, and all of the rules can be changed by the citizens.

All in all the Seeds constitution and rule book is over 100 pages long - I love it.

But recently we've been discussing new modes of payments which I envision to be at the basis of the world we actually want to build. The goal of Seeds - from my perspective - is to make all currencies obsolete, and to provide the actualization of a roadmap whereby we move from scarcity to abundance.

What Do We Want?

As a society, a collective, and a humanity, we want to enable heaven on earth here in the physical, on our planet.

Earth is abundant - we have everything we need already. So the job of Seeds is not too difficult. The abundance needs to just be unlocked and freed from the systems that are seeking to limit it.

Our past systems are based on survival/fear and power/control - and so we need to create all new systems. Better systems. Seeds doesn't solve all problems for all people, but it has a place as building a better financial system.

If we all live in more beautiful, fair, and equitable systems, then we all live closer to the truth of reality, where we are all united, all one, living connection and joy.

Donations - Giving based exchanges

I see our financial exchanges ultimately moving to a system of synchronicity - where everyone does what they want, and everything gets done.

Halfway there is donations, and giving based economies. Where a service or good is provided on a donation basis, or a sliding scale, or a variation thereof. Many healers already work this way because it is the closest to God.

Donations can move us from a society based on taking to one based on giving.

Generosity and Abundance Tokens

Deep in the Seeds labs, we are thinking about abundance and generosity tokens.

We want to support donations in the best way possible and so the idea is to gamify donations by giving out special abundance or generosity tokens. Those who pay more than was asked, receive abundance tokens in return. They could also be NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) and badges - and these are not tradeable they're more a measure of the level of abundance a Seeds citizen represents.

They won't be directly worth money - that would defeat the purpose - but they will be publicly visible on an account, and verifiable too - there's no way to cheat. The only way to gain more abundance tokens is to pay more than was asked! Verified on chain. Or for open donations, they would be given out for donating more than the median donation.

Seeds has a built in reputation score which does influence a citizens share of the harvest as well as vote power - reputation is an important part of the system, both to reward integrity, to signal others that an account is trustworthy, and to eliminate bots and scams.

But the abundance tokens would only very indirectly influence a Seeds holder's scores - they are visible and so others may be more inclined to transact with them, but that's it.

It's a thought experiment so all comments, ideas, and criticisms are welcome on the Seeds Community Telegram channel here:

Onwards, humans!

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Brandon Walowitz

Funny how the tokens are becoming what's worth the most. And they are introducing scarcity into an otherwise abundant space.

n13 profile image

That's what's happening to a lot of tokens - e.g., Bitcoin. Seeds has an algorithm which generates more tokens when there's more demand. This should keep the value of the token intrinsically stable.

Not necessarily stable vs. fiat currencies, as the USD may in reality lose value really fast (as it should given how recklessly it is being printed) - so in this case vs. USD Seeds may go up

But intrinsically it is measuring usage or demand, and generating more coins which are then distributed to all citizens in an elaborate algorithm... ;)