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How did I reduce project onboarding from 2H 😫 to 3 MINUTES πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ ?

Following along "Getting started" texts for complex projects can be frustrating. It is also hard to write them well and also it requires the people following it to do many many manual actions.

Taking for example Cocmd
For someone to get stared it requires having

  • git installed
  • node installed
  • vscode (or some other ide)
  • cloning all the repos
  • setting up git hooks
  • going one by one and building with npm and cargo

So instead of writing a long readme on how to do all that.
We decided to use cocmd own cli to create super fast onboarding experience for project contributors:

  1. Install cocmd Getting Started
  2. install and Run the Contributors onboarding packages:
cocmd install
cocmd run cocmd.contrib-onboarding

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it's going to:

  • install git
  • install rust
  • install node
  • clone all Cocmd repos
  • build the website
  • build cocmd cli
  • open vscode with all the repos

You can do the same for your own projects

and be the superhero of productivity in your workplace!

  • onboarding
  • playbooks
  • sharing cmd stuff

Use cocmd to make your dev life better

join the open source project

How can you help?

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Eric Dong

That's cool! But looks like it is only available for Linux and MacOS? A robust way is using docker as a dev environment. Setup is simplly installing docker, run docker build, and run docker run.

At work I wrap the docker build and docker run commands into scripts for ease.

mzsrtgzr2 profile image

Thanks @edong
we actually do support windows but it's not fully tested.
you can try it out directly from release

what things you do with docker? how "far" do you take it