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Starchart: Designing And Theming


This week I put my main effort in terms working on StartChart in two things:

  • UI Design (and collaborating on design with Mario)
  • Initialising Theme for the Chakra UI

I also did some code review, but they were side quests.


This week I kept working on UI design with Mario. We presented our design concept of Domain management screens and had very productive conversation with out team members. They provided us many clarifications on how system is gonna work and we adjusted the design accordingly. For now design of domains management screens look very decent.

Chakra UI init

The one PR I created this week was initialisation of Chakra UI theme. For now it only includes shades of our "brand" color, which is well-known Seneca's red color. This color is now applied as a default one for all UI components such as Button, Checkbox etc. After several iterations of code reviews and updates from my side the PR was merged.

Some thoughts

Hope the next week I will flex with some actual view elements be merged :) Have great weekends everyone

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