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First contributions


This is the first week when I finally contributed something to the project and wasn't just digging into some technology. On top of that, I also did some code reviewing (which I guess is also a contribution) and tried to get more familiar with some other technologies that we are going to use.

The week 3 contributions

UI design

The first thing that I did this week for the project and one that took the most effort was creating some initial design for the application. I am not a UI/UX designer myself, but I worked a lot with these guys and I am kinda familiar with their tooling. The way to go for me was Figma since Charka UI (the UI component library that we were going to use) has the Figma template and I used it before. On top of that, Figma has incredible functionality in terms of collaboration and since this is an open-source project, I found this characteristic very important.

I am not the super creative guy, so I ended up with a design that looks kind of plain, but it's way better than having nothing. At least, Since I am a front-end developer myself I know that this design is gonna be easy to implement in code.
Link for the design:

Code reviews

We didn't have a lot of pull requests this week, so not many of them to review. It was one, where TD initialized remix project with the Remix Blues Stack template. The second PR I checked was David's, where he removed express-prometheus-middleware since we are not going to use Prometheus and he also did some minor package.json related changes.

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