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Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan

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Build & Deploy Full Stack Link Sharing App Using MERN Stack

In this 6+ hours video course, you will learn the basics of MERN Stack From Scratch and then build and deploy a complete full-stack Link sharing App.

In this MERN Stack course, you will learn:

✅ how to implement secure cookie-based authentication
✅ how to use redux toolkit for managing application state
✅ how to allow uploading image of specific dimension and type
✅ how to upload images to Cloudinary
✅ how to create protected routes
✅ how to implement copy to clipboard functionality
✅ how to implement lazy loading in react
✅ how to use react context API to share data between components
✅ how to maintain logged in user session
✅ how to implement smooth animation with drag-and-drop functionality
✅ how to add skeleton loading effect
✅ how to properly display backend unhandled errors on frontend
✅ how to deploy this fullstack application on production

and much more...

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