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Migrating from Stylus or Pug

Hi Angular folks! here a late announcement of some packages released by Mynd that will help some projects in the transition to Angular 13+ due to the deprecation of Stylus.


This CLI utility convert styl files to scss and also updates their related Angular Components metadata. It allows to spread the conversion in different GIT commits to keep track of the history of the converted files.

It also includes the sass-migration tool to complete the process without additional steps, and some other customizable options that can be checked in the README file:

The conversion would be as simple as running this in your repo:

npx @myndpm/stylus2scss --git
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At Mynd we were using Pug since it was a fancy template engine that was quite aligned with Stylus, but after some years their tooling and support got quite behind and it was time to move to the default HTML templates.

This CLI utility convert pug content to html and also updates the Angular components metadata. It also possible to keep the GIT history or execute the process step by step with the provided --options documented in its README file:

Also, running this utility would be as simple as:

npx @myndpm/pug2html --git
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Enjoy! and please report any issue at our GitHub repo:

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