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Discussion on: Software Craftsmanship as a Metaphor is a Career Glass Ceiling

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Thanks Erik for posting this! To be honest, I didn't know there was a concept such as value proposition or positioning. Are there any other common sense concepts you recommend developers clarify within themselves that are essential as well? I probably have too many blind spots like these, so I just bought your book to figure them out xD. I kind of fell into software by accident, so my view of software was never from a business perspective, but from a love of creating software.

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Erik Dietrich Author

Thanks for buying the book! It's not really specifically an educational/guide kind of thing, though. More my commentary on the software industry.

It's hard for me to think of terms and concepts off the cuff to explain, but I have tended to talk a lot about it on my blog over the years. I'm also a panelist on the Freelancers Show podcast ( ) where we talk a lot about such concepts as well.