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Java Certified Foundations Associate 1Z0-811 Preparation Study Plan

The Java Certified Foundations Associate 1Z0-811 exam is designed for students in various educational institutions including two-year colleges, secondary schools, and four-year colleges and universities. This certification is suitable for individuals who have completed the Oracle Academy program or are currently studying computer science with a focus on Java. It is also beneficial for faculty members who teach Java and computer science courses, as well as those who are new to their Java careers.

To prepare for the 1Z0-811 exam, it is important to first download the exam syllabus. This will provide a clear understanding of the topics that will be covered in the exam.

Next, download the JDK 1.8 software, which is the version validated for this exam. Additionally, it is recommended to download a text editor, such as Notepad++ or Editplus, instead of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This will allow you to focus on learning Java coding and be better prepared for the exam.

After setting up the necessary software, create a text file with the path command for your JDK/bin location. This will ensure that your computer can locate the JDK software and run Java programs smoothly.

The study plan for the 1Z0-811 exam can be divided into three phases. In the first phase (Day 3-13), systematically go through each exam objective and create programs to gain a better understanding of the topics.

In the second phase (Day 13-23), set a study plan using MyExamCloud's 1Z0-811 study plan. This includes practicing 10 full-length mock exams and setting goals for each exam objective. The mock exams come with explanations for each answer, in eBook format, which can be accessed through the MyExamCloud mobile app or web browser.

In the third phase (Day 23-30), take objective and random tests on a regular basis, and repeat them until scoring above 90%. This will ensure a thorough understanding and application of the exam topics, and prepare you for the real exam.

The MyExamCloud 1Z0-811 Practice Tests Study Plan includes 778 questions grouped according to exam topics. It also offers one free trial exam to give an idea of the exam format and difficulty level.

By following this study plan and consistently practicing and reviewing the material, you will be well-prepared to pass the 1Z0-811 exam and become a Java Certified Foundations Associate.

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