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Discussion on: I want to learn a new programming language. What should I learn?

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Mindaugas Sharskus • Edited on

It is my sugestion too. If you want to learn NEW language I dont know what else to recomend. Obviously Rust is not for everyone and it is changing, but:
"Language which doesn't teach you anything new, not worth of learning"
What I like most is friendly comunity, running speed, safety, sintex, error messages are super helpful. Rust is perfect for WebAssembley and I believe in that technology. What I least enjoy is compile times and lack in some libraries (crates in Rust land), but even there Rust making improvement. But I would recommend Rust only as new language, for first language... It depends on your interest, but generally Java 8+. Is not super fun or easy language, but shares many similarities with other languages so it will be easier to learn other one later. Plus it is still very popular in industry.