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Discussion on: First steps with Docker + Rust

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Mindaugas Sharskus

I wanted to suggest scratch too. I once had made Rocket web app image as small as ~10MB. Probably it could be optimized even more.

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Roger Torres Paes (he/him/ele) Author

Hi! Thank you both for your comments. I understand what you say and I think it is correct. The problem—specific to this tutorial—is that scratch would not work with the project I am using here; at least not without some extra work, which would lead me to fix a few things and explain them (e.g., I would need a static build, a similar problem that I would have with Alpine), which in turn would cross the threshold of a "first steps" beginner post.

Hopefully, people will read this and be aware of this alternative for their particular projects.

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Patrice Ferlet

Ho, sorry, I thought that Rust makes static bainary by default. I just checked and I understand that I was wrong.

Reading this is a nice complement :)

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Rogério Sampaio de Almeida

Hey, Rust does make static binaries by default. But when you use a dependency, it'll bring their own dependencies, and you may end up using one that happens to load something dynamically... Like libc for example.