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Maxime Guilbert
Maxime Guilbert

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100 000 Views reached! 🎉

Today, I passed the 100K views milestone and I want to do two things

1 - Thank you!

First, I want to thank you! Because without your involvement by reading, sharing, liking and/or commenting my posts, I won't be here ^^

I started to post here in january 2021 and I didn't thought at that time that I will be able to post so much, and that you will be interested by all those posts!

During the last months I wasn't really active here, but I've a few new posts which will come soon and hope you like it!

2 - What can be better?

Then, I want to take advantage of this post to ask you some advices. Is there things which can be better?
More illustrations?
More code gists?

So if you have any idea about what can be improved, I'll be glad to know it!

So let's keep in touch and see you soon! And let's go to the 200K milestone! 🚀🚀

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Yuwang Cai

Absolutely amazing!🎉🎉🎉

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Maxime Guilbert Author

Thanks! 😁😁

Take a look at this:


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