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Microsoft Build 2021: Build Cloud-native Applications That Run Anywhere

ICYMI (In case you missed it); last week was Microsoft’s Build event! The yearly event is a chance for developers to learn new things that are going on in technology. The reason I love listening to these types of events is because it gets you excited about the happenings in the industry.

One of the talks that stood out to me was on the challenges that modern developers face like needing to move from concept, to code, to cloud seamlessly. Needing this type of agility, reliability, and security is critical when trying to solve problems at scale. Cloud native is the ability to package application code and dependencies into a container, to deploy as a microservice and manage using DevOps.
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Part of this talk sounds like a marketing pitch for Azure, but I think that the underlying technology is actually really exciting. Jeff Hollan gives a good demo (around 8:25) about attacking a real world problem. The dashboard that he builds utilized Github’s App Templates. It lets you launch a sample and launch a code space that automates a lot of the initial setup of the project.

“Rather than me spending the next 30 minutes installing tools and configuring my machine, instead everything I need is ready to go right here in this codespace.” - Jeff Hollan

Azure Arc allows you to deploy anywhere without the need to have to learn Kubernetes and have a bunch of overhead. The integration with Github Actions and other workflows is going to be a time saver forsure!

I highly recommend watching this session if you have the time!

Click Here to Watch the Video

Let me know what your favorite session of Microsoft Build was!

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