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Rails React Streaming SPA


TLTR: Feel free to get the source code.


-The code should be written in ES6 as much as possible

-Use the create-react-app generator to start the project

-The Application should have one HTML page to render your react-redux application

-There should be 5 stateless components

-There should be 3 routes

-The Application must make use of react-router and proper RESTful routing

-Use Redux middleware to respond to and modify state change

-Make use of async actions and redux-thunk middleware to send data to and receive data from a server

-The Rails API should handle the data persistence with a database.

-Use fetch() within actions to GET and POST data from the API - do not use jQuery methods.

-The client-side application should handle the display of data with minimal data manipulation

App Design

The overall plan for this single page application was to design a web site with a full-stack design using a Rails backend with a ReactJS frontend.

Based on the requirements, the app allows users CRUD functionality allows users CRUD functionality for their own streams.

Similar to large scale counterparts, it is designed for straightforward use with minimal explanation required for the user.

Frontend Design

See the "backend/app/javascript" directory for more info.

Backend Design

See the "backend" directory for more info.

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