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Discussion on: Svelte for Sites, React for Apps

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Mark Volkmann

I agree with you on the React Native advantage. We’ll see if Svelte Native continues to mature.
I don’t yet understand the significance of Suspense and Flight, so I can’t comment on those.
It’s just a matter of time for the Svelte ecosystem to sufficiently catch up.
The hiring issue is minimized by the fact that Svelte has a low learning curve.
I think what triggers me most is the implication that Svelte should only be considered for sites. I’ve successfully used it for many apps. I don’t want developers to get the idea that Svelte is somehow lacking for real app development.

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lepinekong • Edited

Personally I would choose Svelte but for big project of xx millions like in big corps I won't because actually hiring issue cannot be minimized : most already-heavily-invested-in-a-framework developers will just refuse to learn another (new) framework ;)

There are other reasons, I just pick the one argument you advance.

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swyx Author • Edited

don't worry, I'm with you on the core capabilities of the framework. but ecosystem matters when building apps. plain and simple. part of what I'm doing here and with svelte society is laying the groundwork to address these issues, but it will take years. in the mean time, market to the usecase svelte wins hands down.

we agree more than we disagree.

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Jordan Brennan

React's ecosystem is not a benefit. It's a dumb necessity grown from the need to create more stuff, much of it being React-only versions of existing stuff, because React is so incompatible and fussy.

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Renan Moura

This! I only see the truth in this statement.