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4 great plugins to improve your Wordpress website performance

I created a website called Poupa Pilim (portuguese), which is image heavy since this is mostly supermarket flyers.

Because of that, and since some posts are really huge, I had to research for some plugins to improve my website performance, which made this beauty score:
Image description

So, let me show you what they are:

1. Bunny CDN

This is a great CDN, with servers all around the world. Ultra cheap, only 0,01$ per GB of bandwith!

2. The SEO Framework

You probably know Yoast, but The SEO Framework is more lightweight, simple, unbranded and extremely clear SEO solution.

3. WP Rocket

I bet you already came across with WP Rocket. It is just too great and completely worth the price you pay for it. I use it to minify CSS and JS, defer Javascript and delay Javascript execution, and also to preload fonts and links.

4. WP-Optimize - Clean, Compress, Cache

When you install and uninstall plugins, some junk just stays on the database. WP-Optimize will remove that junk and also will optimize your tables. It's free to use.

On top of this, I make sure that I'm running the latest PHP version (currently PHP 8.1) with some extensions, like APCu and OPCache.

Also, if your server supports that, enable HTTP2, Deflate and Brotli to get the best performance of your site.

Have fun!

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