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re: I've browsed the issue tracker and I found this> github.com/thousandetherhomepage/k... ETH balance exceeds pixel count? Is it true? Because ...

Yes it is, and I really want to solve this mystery! FWIW, I don't think it's a bug in the code so much as people somehow sending us extra ether in transactions.

You definitely can mess up with real money in Ethereum, and in ways that are much more consequential than that issue. i.e. twitter.com/dguido/status/92789652...

I'll say two things on this.

First of all the list of platforms that you can mess up with real money is very very long. You can mess up by using floats, a database, or even feature flags!

That said, cryptocurrencies today make it easy to shoot yourself in the foot and there's no one to talk to to return your money if you do. Well, most of the time there isn't.

Why am I still excited?

1) I'm much more excited about the web stuff I wrote about in this post than I am about the replacing fiat money stuff.
2) I think this is a glimpse of the future! I wrote more about that in another comment

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