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Discussion on: What is the most overworked you've ever been?

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Mehdi Vasigh • Edited on

Definitely during my career change into software development. I was working as a program coordinator for a nonprofit at the time. I was hired as the second paid staff, and my boss left for another position 4 months into my role. For the next 6 months I was the only paid staff, and the volunteer leadership for the org insisted that they had posted the job for a new director, though I knew that wasn't the truth (there was no trace of any activity on our Indeed account or anywhere else within our web presence). Eventually we did hire someone and she was great, but she was also completely fed up with the organization and quit shortly after I left.

While I wasn't verbally abused or anything like some of the replies here, those 6 months that I was the interim director were terrible. I still received the same low compensation, but had to handle and answer for every facet of the org's operations. This also meant 2 to 3 12-14 hour days every week. I was also trying to learn to code at the same time, which meant that I'd wake up every morning at 4 am, code for several hours before work, and often come home and code late into the night as well. I can't even imagine how someone with multiple jobs and children trying to make ends meet can make it work.

Anyway, I was only at that job for a year and it was well worth it because I managed to learn enough to land me my first full-time dev job in the process, and since then things have been great! Even the high-stress times at my current job don't really compare.