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Trying to create an onboarding document for junior devs. What are the must-have items?

Here are my 2 cents:

  • First of all I think the onboarding period is often too short. I observed that 3-4 weeks of preparations are of most help to new employees (with no or little professional experience)
  • Onboarding activities should be well documented.

Here are several real-world examples I created for a node.js backend developer that takes ± a month:

  • Development methodology
  • Programming Paradigms (Event loop, Promise chaining (for legacy codes), async-await, functional programming, ES6, exception handling)
  • Most frequently used libraries (mocha, sequelize, express, async etc.)
  • Version Control System (Git)
  • Tools (VS Code, ESLint, debugging)
  • In house libraries
  • Actual Code Structure
  • A task in the sprint (TBD later on)

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