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How many projects can one person run?

I created an all in one university and college application system.
Then it was a big challenge signing up institution. They seem not to understand the whole concept of helping prospective applicants being able to apply to more than one college with just a click.

I have been thinking of giving up, then I feel, i can still make it work and it can be the next big school application system for Africa.

While it stalled, I developed a dating website.
I launched, after a month os 25 users, i pulled it down, I was using a free domain and hosted it on vultr...
The sad thing was, i missed the payment when i was deployed in the bush for military recap course. So vulture deleted my server and my data without backing it up.
I lost much time and I have felt lazy to get my dating site up again.

My Macbook charger broke and had no PC for two months. I was trying to organise funds to get a new charger... Here in my country, Macbook original chargers from Apple store cost a fortune, those from small local stores are typical Chinese (not original), they don't last long.
So, I lost valuable time. And if you are used to coding, then you find yourself with no computer, its almost like getting a toothache...
I resorted to doing morning and evening runs, while i sourced for funds.
A friend from Canada brought me a new charger and I excitedly got back to coding.
Its two months now, am thinking of either getting back my dating site online.
I forgot to mention that I also lost my domain name to goddady, and they have raised the price * 10 to get it back.

Anyway, am hoping no one buys the domain, and they release it so that i get get it again.

Right now, build just to keep myself busy as I try to come up with a more viable project.

Tell me what you think if this article.

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