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Just my 2 pennies, sites like triple byte can be deceiving... Without reciting a post I made already .. I've seen the process up close, and had a good friend who has been a mentor on so many subjects during my career, ace the whole vetting process and not get any call backs ... Nor could we get anyone from the process to explain why nothing happened. I've been collecting data and research for years for a project of mine, and it's a common theme to sell all types of experience levels on these "our company makes it easy" headlines.
If I could give one piece of advice to anyone in need, it would be to focus having income while searching for a job in our industry. I've seen so many talented people create a mind set to just get any job for paychecks as soon as one of the million companies they applied for submits an offer. They toss their value into the trash, and don't focus on making sure the gig is even the right product or culture-fit. If a developer builds enough confidence to send resumes, it's always because of hard work and focus towards the skills all of these companies NEED.
So it makes no difference if it's your first job, or just a new position, never accept a position without writing out what YOU expect to achieve, and questions to ask that make sure you know exactly how you will be spending your next year's working.

It can be exciting to finish an interview process, and watch your hard work pay off... But unless you are only submitting a resume to one company (never do that, even if you think it's the only one you qualify for, submit to some that might ask for more experience than you have... A lot of the posts you read have people from HR or never coded before posting positions...) you should try to always have multiple experiences to compare before making a decision.

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