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Zig in MKProj?

When I first saw Rust, I honestly couldn't get my head to understand it, and I ignored it. But some time later, I found it again and started working with it, and after three years, I am still working with it and creating such complex programs with it.

I've found myself interested in system programming languages focusing on memory safety. I am actively reading the updates in the Carbon language, but one language that's also having lots of progress is Zig.

Zig sounds like one of those random variable names like foo and bar, but this isn't any arbitrary language. It's a brilliant one. It has got me so interested that I will be looking to try and have this language become the second official language in my portfolio project, MKProj. Although the start will be slow as I'll have to split my time to try and learn this while still maintaining my other priorities, I am committed to having this language be part of my portfolio project.

Why am I so interested in this language, however? First is that it can easily be placed into a C/C++ project. Secondly, it is robust,
an optimal language that can be used to build reusable, maintainable projects, and I am fascinated by how it chooses to handle edge memory cases, such as running out of memory or how values are allocated and deallocated.

One usage I see myself having this be part of is my toy language, Mufi-Lang. If my progress in this language goes well, I'll look into maintaining my version of Zig. But this is all speculation. For now, the first thing is to start learning...

If you're interested in Zig, I recommend looking at the official site for more information.

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