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4 solid reasons why Flutter is the future of app development !!!

1_ overview of the flutter job market in the world
Flutter was launched by Google in May 2017. It is built to support the creation of single-code and ” Cross-platform ” applications for web, mobile and desktop platforms. It is a feature-rich UI SDK that enables developers to create intuitive user interfaces and responsive features. Therefore, Flutter helps not only reduce development efforts but also costs and launch time.

In the past few years, Flutter has evolved as one of the best cross-platform application development frameworks on the market. The framework is used by developers and mobile app development companies around the world. Businesses and startups hire Flutter app developers to build custom mobile apps for Android and iOS.

In 2023, more than 13,887 companies have used Flutter in their application development tools. Of these, 21.48% of Flutter users are from India, 17.26% from the United States, and 6.61% from Brazil.

2_ the astronomical increase in Flutter's popularity in recent years

Source Stack Overflow

3_ why should you choose Flutter to develop the application ?

  1. Best for multi-platform application development :
    The main reason why companies choose cross-platform development is the cost and timing of faster development compared to the indigenous development approach. However, multi-platform applications had lost significantly in terms of performance and native appearance before Flutter entered the world of work.With Flutter it became possible to build applications close to native ones in terms of functionality. Therefore, there is no longer a need to choose between cost and quality.

  2. Optimal performance:
    The excellent performance results of Flutter applications (60 to 120 frames per second) are achieved through the Dart programming language. This is a client-optimized language that supports pre-Time Compilation (AOT). This makes Flutter applications faster because the code is natively run on any platform without relying on intermediaries, unlike other cross-platform frameworks that use bridging.

  3. Write once for all devices :
    Since Flutter 3 was released in May 2022, there are six platforms from the same code base: Android, iOS, web, Windows, macOS and Linux. This means that you can use the same code to develop and publish your application across all these platforms with a small update.It makes it possible to reach more audiences without significantly additional costs and spend less time developing compared to building apps for each platform separately.

  4. Faster time to finish the process:
    91 percent of developers said that Flutter reduces the time of the mobile app development process

Experiences indicate that the development of the flutter program usually takes from 2 to 6 months. A simple flutter project takes about 2 months; an average – 4 months; a complex program development takes about 4-6 months. For example, we developed this job search program in 3 months.

Flutter apps can develop faster than native mobile apps thanks to several flutter features:
Single code base that allows to write a code and adapt it for six different platforms;
Ready-made reusable and customizable widgets and components;
Hot reload feature that eliminates the need to restart the app after each code change.

  1. Super fast reload (Hot reload ): Hot reload is a flutter function that is especially loved by developers and highly appreciated by business owners. Hot reload allows developers to immediately view changes made to the code without having to restart the application. This makes the feature a time saver and thus a budget saver.

Generally, hot reload helps to quickly replicate code changes, find and delete code errors earlier, and allows for more testing and leads to a better user experience.

  1. Ability to create great design Flutter's rich libraries of customizable widgets and components allow developers and designers to make mobile apps as unique as possible and not limit their creativity. Plus, Cupertino interior materials and widgets as discussed above, provide opportunities for the development of highly Indigenous applications in terms of UI and UX.

Therefore, it is possible to develop Flutter applications with beautiful and modern interfaces that provide a smooth user experience. These programs perform well and have few opportunities for problems to arise.

4_ reasons to prove flutter's superiority over other competitors in the app arena
Flutter's status as the future of application development is rooted in its unique features and benefits. It addresses many of the challenges facing app developers today. As open source, Flutter benefits from ongoing improvements. And also updated from the active developer community and Google. This ensures that it is up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies. Here are the following reasons why Flutter is becoming the future of mobile app development.

  1. Performance and speed
    Flutter compiles native codes. This leads to high Program performance. Fluid animations, rendering offers a fast interface and excellent responsiveness. Finally, it stands out as an ideal choice for building applications that require high standard features.

  2. Ecosystem rich in widgets
    Flutter comes with a rich set of pre-designed widgets for shared user interface elements. In addition, the Flutter community actively contributes to an extensive library of packages and add-ons that expand functionality. Therefore, its use to integrate different features into applications will become more frequent in the near time.

  3. Web and desktop support
    Flutter has expanded beyond mobile to support web and desktop application development. Developers can use a single code base to target multiple platforms. Therefore, developers and mobile app development companies mainly use Flutter due to their multi-platform support.

  4. Strong community and resources
    Flutter has a rapidly growing and engaged developer community. This means that developers have access to various resources. For example, it updates its trainings, documentation, etc. and resources to help them overcome challenges. Therefore, new Flutter developers will have good community support and start with application development.

  5. Google's continued investment
    Google continues to invest in Flutter. The tech giant is always striving to ensure its long-term viability. Google's support adds credibility and confidence for developers and businesses alike. In the near time, Google will release more updates for Flutter to make it more useful.

  6. Cost-effectiveness
    The multi-platform nature of Flutter and faster development time translates into cost savings for the business. With this framework, developers can implement the same code base. And also use native components for Android and iOS. Thus, it allows startups and companies to build high-quality programs within budget constraints.

Conclusion :
In conclusion, Flutter has emerged as a true pioneer in the field of mobile application development. Its unique combination of features and capabilities has put it at the forefront of the competition. Therefore, it makes it not only a trend but also a transformative force.

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