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how often do you recycle talks? do you have 3 talks you can give at the drop of a hat and another...5 always brewing? how do you choose which conferences to speak at?

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I can't speak for @shanselman , but I've been a Toastmaster for a few years. There's definitely good reasons to have a at least one talk or speech you can give with no preparation. Happens if a speaker drops out unexpectedly or has trouble arriving on time.

Especially as you expand your reach and the types of audiences you talk to, there may be reasons to further develop similar talks on the same topic using bits and pieces from prior talks.

It all depends on whether you think you will focus on a specific topic or concern, or if you just want to have a few talks on separate topics because the audiences you talk to are always different.

I've never spoken at a conference, so I can only suggest go to conferences that have topics that appeal to you or on which you feel you have something to say. Alternatively, if a conference offers you a unique networking opportunity, that could be a consideration.

In summary:

  • Figure out if you want your talks to be focused on a single topic or connected via similar theme.

  • Good idea to have at least one strong talk at the ready that's simple and requires little to no preparation.