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Murtaza Hashwani | 3 Fast Ways to Learn Magento Developer.

Magento is an open source platform commonly used for E-commerce.

Its essential features such as flexibility and reliability make it a choice platform for building e-commerce stores.

Becoming a Magento Developer is a great career that has many benefits. Magento development is in great demands than ever before which means professional Magento Developers are in high demand and it will continue to increase. This means it will be easy for you to get jobs.

Learning and becoming a Magento Developer will take time, money and commitments. However, there are ways you can shorten the learning path and that is what this content is all about.

Below are 7 best and fast ways to learn and become a Magento Developer.

1. Best and Fast ways to become a Magento Developer: Know the basics

The first best and fast way to learn to become a Magento Developer is to start with the basics.

Magento is a complex open source platform and you need to understand how it works. You must know how to code with HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery framework systems.

You must master PHP language, especially PHP 5.6-7 if you want to work with Magento 2. You must be familiar with OOP, MVC architecture and modular development rules. MySQL is also necessary to solve problems. Cache techniques such as Zend cache is also important.

Besides the programming languages above, you must also be familiar with Search engine optimization (SEO). It is very essential for e-commerce platforms to get organic traffic and sales.

The second best and free way to learn to become a Magento Developer is to learn how Magento works.

2. Best and Fast ways to become a Magento Developer: Learn how Magento works

Learning how Magento works is the second best way to learn to become a Magento Developer. There is no better way to know how Magento works other than to download and install a test version of Magento and start learning how to use it.

It is time to get your hands dirty. Go through the admin and know how to set up new products, shipping, catalog price rules, and shopping cart rules. Test the checkout process as a customer and know how it works from the front end. You can use the Magento official documentation to learn about more features and components of Magento.

As you read, practice it to learn more. If you get lost along the line, you can ask questions on Quora, Stackexchange, Reddit and Magento forums.

This is just to prepare you for learning, to make your learning fast, the next best way to learn to become a Magento Developer is to take Magento courses.

3. Best and Fast ways to become a Magento Developer: Enroll in Magento courses

You have the basic knowledge in programming languages, and you know how Magento works, to make your journey very fast, you will need to enroll in a good Magento course online. This is where you will learn how to customize the front end which is very important. You will also learn other interesting things about Magento such as building extensions and Magento best practices. For example, Pronko Consulting is organizing a Magento 2 Developer Training in London on February 27-28, 2019. It will be great for you to participate. Pronko Consulting offers regular Magento courses, it will do you good to check them out.

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