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Mursal Furqan Kumbhar
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What is Amazon Lex?

It is always beneficial to keep learning new things, and that is why, we are learning Natural Language Processing 😜. And like every other field of Machine Learning, NLP has different paradigms to work on. Here, we are working on Chatbots or conversational interfaces. Yes, and for that, we are using Amazon Lex.

Amazon Lex is an excellent Amazon technology that allows developers to design high-quality conversational interfaces that can be smoothly integrated into either a new or existing application. Your clients would easily connect with your applications utilising voice or text instructions, for example, Chatbot for talking with your customers in a simple way, with the Amazon Lex.

Amazon Lex uses the same deep learning integration as Amazon Alexa for the chatbot, including automated speech recognition and natural language understanding. Before delving more into what the Amazon Lex is, I'd want to define a ChatBot application. A ChatBot application is a software that mimics human dialogue.

Why use Amazon Lex instead of a self-taught natural language algorithm?

  • They are straightforward to include into new or current applications.
  • Because it is a pay-as-you-go business, the cost to effort ratio is extremely affordable.
  • They smoothly comprehend both text and voice.
  • They are simple to deploy and use in your apps.
  • They are very scalable.
  • It is simple to interface with other services on the AWS platform.

It is worth noting that all network interactions with Amazon Lex use only HTTPS to ensure safe communication, which means your discussions are encrypted by Amazon Lex. I noted before that the Amazon Lex is reasonably priced, but let's look at the pricing model of the Amazon Lex below:

  • Each voice request costs $0.004, therefore if your ChatBot handles 5000 voice requests per month, you could expect to spend 5000 * 0.004 = $20 per month.
  • Each text request costs $0.00075, therefore if your chatbot handles 5000 text queries per month, you could expect to spend 5000 * 0.00075 = $3.75 per month.

Your monthly charge and cost with Amazon Lex are calculated depending on the total number of queries processed by your application on a monthly basis. There is also a free Amazon Lex option that allows you to process 10,000 messages and 5,000 voice requests per month for the first year, allowing you to test its functionality inside your application.

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