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Mursal Furqan Kumbhar
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Azure Healthbot Service - Really a lifesaver

Being a Senior Year Computer System Engineering student at Mehran UET, Jamshoro, we were bound to create a befitting final year project that would have some stern practical usages. After many thoughts and thoughts, smile: we decided to go for a solution to relieve anxiety in humans. Well, that was quite a challenge, but I knew the tech world could help me breakthrough. Being a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador (previously Microsoft Student Partner), I had almost unlimited access to Microsoft Azure and through one of the workshops conducted by another Student Ambassador, I came to know about how azure cognitive services can help do almost anything that we need and can't do it on our own.
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That's when I decided to try Azure Cogs for my own project. I spent days, no weeks browsing through the azure cognitive platform, and believe me when I say that I was astonished at the number and quality of tools Azure Cognitive Service had to offer. From text detection to sentiment analysis and whatnot. Being an AI geek, I myself knew how much effort would one need if they decided to do all these things manually.

And then there was Microsoft Azure's Cognitive Services, allowing us, the developers, alongside the end-users too, to use these services with a simple click of a button, or touch on their pads. Well, after much browsing, I finally got my hands on Microsoft Healthcare Bot. Our main aim was to create an AI-Based mobile application that can detect and treat anxiety On-The-Go (OTG) and this healthcare bot of Microsoft Azure even had a builtin integration option for different popular applications, including MSFT Teams and Facebook Messenger.

We once again revised our strategy and rather than going for a completely new database and all, we just integrated the bot to Microsoft Teams and added the link to our mobile application. Later we restructured the bot (Because it is completely flexible) and added the therapy section which again linked the bot to our mobile application, providing relevant therapy to the patient. Now, our app uses the relevant app's database, and interacts with the user as their friendly bot ❤️
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Ganesh Tiwari

A very good writeup about Azure Health Bots. Looking for more content from you.

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Your work is highly appreciable. 💖🤍