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My first post amidst the struggles on switch careers.

Hello world!

As the unwritten norm states, my first program is up and running even thou am yet to make an installation of the much-needed development environments.

Here is a take from a tiny boy who still believes that indeed the developer tag will be his new title before the kid(2019) grows some teeth.
Not so sure what the right title would have been, let's stick with the above since all am trying to do is make a transition over the code life. I strongly believe am meant to be that guy, working endless times to birth a solution, but before that am also willing to travel down the rejection & frustration path.

Enough of my first words, seeing am all new to this world after reading along threads encouraging new entrants to aim at making technical blog posts on a promise that this will greatly give them (us) the much-needed skills to make a presentation, and generally get to communicate effectively.

On a separate news, you may be willing to give a look onto my campaign, knowing that any form of help stands appreciated.

My coding journey

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