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Hello Again :O

I've neglected this 'diary' for 2 months, but on the bright side, I've committed to learning React.

During this period my learning was not as intensive as before as I had to concentrate more on my German knowledge, and I reached a solid B2 level in German, however it didn't up to this point "pay off" unfortunately, because even though 1 month has passed since the end of the course, I have still not been hired!

Just before I started this little article, I was writing an essay in German and was mentioning how bad things are going at the moment. Things are bad, because although I do my part quite well, I don't seem to get what I actually deserve, and it is definitely disappointing.

Nevertheless, I will keep on with my endeavors and it will eventually DEFINITELY pay off, more or less, cause there is no other way.

Last but not least, I may return to SAP sector as a module consultant, or better yet, an SAP-ABAP developer, I have interviews ahead, we'll see how it goes...

The problem is, even at the interviews, I am very straightforward and don't the truth enough, and it may be the biggest underlying reason, that's keeping me away from 'gains' actually :)

Yeah, I need some 'attitude-adjustment' but since it feels like drifting away from my true-self, I wanna stick to my truths and actually develop myself good enough, so that people will find it not impossible to put up with me. Because at the end of the day, I am definitely a good guy, that is fighting for a just world, with equity as much as possible.

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