Play videos from your computer on your android phone

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If you'd like to play videos from your computer on your android phone, you could do that using NVP -- Network video player. It works when:

  1. Both the phone and the computer are on the same network i.e., connected to the same wifi router either through ethernet or through wifi and
  2. If both of them are on different internet networks.

If you'd like to contribute to improve the application, you're welcome to send pull requests. If you take time to report any issues you find I'll resolve them as soon as possible. Readme contains all usage, installation instructions. Any new ideas / feature requests are welcome too.

Here's the project on github: https://github.com/ajaydevarakonda/network-video-player
Link to readme: https://github.com/ajaydevarakonda/network-video-player/blob/master/README.md
Android app download page: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ramachandrajr.network_video_player

Android application will also be made opensource real soon.

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