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Data is the Future of Brand Identity

Mungu Media Digital OOH
I am represnting the largest DOOH marketing Company from India
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What makes a brand successful? Why we are spending INR 150 Billion in Digital Marketing this year in India?

“Data is the Future of Brand Identity”

Data is the new currency in the Advertising world.

DOOH- For Data Driven Branding

Digital OOH provide various kinds of information to the brand marketer. Some of them are Face Metrics ( Count, Views, Attention time, Gaze thru rate, Gender, Age Range, Emotion, Direction) , Vehicle Metrics ( Count, Detection Zones, Average Speed, Travel Direction, Day/Night Modes) and Crowd Metrics ( People Count, Detection Zones, Pedestrian Traffic Direction) etc.

DOOH is very flexible in offering packages as per client’s requirements. Tap in to the right audience at right time with right kind of data & Technology.

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Use Mungu Media to Find new-gen Digital Ad Spaces Across a variety of consumer congregation points such as malls, restaurants, streets, corporate parks, main arterial roads, cabs, railways, bus stations, hospitals and clinics at Best Rates.
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