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Flutter Web Quickstart

Flutter Engage was an Awesome Event. It brought us a lot of News, but particularly interesting ones were the availability of All 6 Platforms on the Stable Channel. While I don’t think All of those are production-ready, It’s still amazing to see the ability to build to 6 platforms from 1 Codebase.

I had tried all of them except the ones in the Apple Ecosystem even before that. The cause of me not trying macOS or ios was the fact that I don’t own any of those 😆. So let’s get into the main content.


Before the Announcement of Flutter 2.0 in Flutter Engage we had to switch to the beta channel to use Flutter Web. But Since the release of Flutter 2.0, the only thing we wanna do is to upgrade Flutter to the latest. Because Flutter WEB comes pre-enabled in the latest version of Flutter.

flutter upgrade
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This should update our Flutter version to anything beyond Flutter 2.0. That means we have completed the minimum requirements for using Flutter Web.

Creating Project

The next thing we are gonna do is to create a new Flutter project.

flutter create flutter_web_testing
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This should create all the necessary things for our Flutter App. If you’re a keen observer, you’ll notice the difference between the current result of this command and the result before we upgrading Flutter.

Now we have a new web folder at the root of our project!😀

There's a web folder after creating a new Project

Running on Web

To run this project on Flutter web aka. Google Chrome, we have to first confirm it is shown in the Flutter devices menu. To find out, run flutter devices

Flutter Devices result

As we can see the device chrome, we can assure that Flutter web is working Fine.

So to run our project on chrome, run

flutter run -d chrome
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After some time, we should be able to see our Application running on Google Chrome.

Flutter Default counter App Running on Google Chrome


So after we have completed building our perfect web-app, we can continue to build it. To Build a Flutter web application, one has to run,

flutter build web

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This command should make a release version of your Web app in build/web directory.

You can just upload this directory to any hosting services such as Netlify or Github Pages for hosting them free of charge 😊.

As always, If you have any suggestions, or you found a mistake, please feel free to contact me through my Twitter 😊

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