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Quick overview of Next JS 14 Updates

Hello πŸ‘‹ and welcome to the new Next JS 14. Yes, you've heard it right, within 12 months Next JS 14 is hereπŸƒ. Let's look at the updates:

β€’ Turbopack πŸš„
β€’ Server Actions(Stable)
β€’ Partial Prerendering(Preview) πŸͺŸ
β€’ Next.js Learn(New) 🏫

Turbopack πŸš„

Between performance πŸš€ and features, performance always wins πŸ₯‡.

Initially, they thought of changing the source language but eventually continued with the Rust Engine.

5000 integration tests for the next dev are now passing with Turbopack 😎, the underlying Rust Engine. These tests include 7 years ⏲️ of bug fixes and reproductions🀯.

After testing on with the new Next 14
β€’ Up to 53.3% faster local server startup πŸš€
β€’ Up to 94.7% faster code updates with Fast Refresh πŸ”„

Server Actions(Stable)

Next JS 13 was great but one key missing 😭 ingredient is Server Actions. Now with Next JS 14, Server Actions are stable πŸ˜€ and we can call them from anywhere.

Form code for server actions

Data updating, ren-rendering, or redirecting can now happen in one network roundtrip πŸ›œ. You can now also reuse the different actions♻️ .

Partial Prerendering(Preview)

If you are a front-end developer, this improvement is for you.

loading ? :

I hope you have seen this syntax 😁. It's annoying to handle the fetch time delay⏳.

Partial Prerendering comes here with your Suspense boundariesπŸͺŸ. Here's how it works.

Skeleton via partial prerender

Next.js Learn(New)

Vercel comes with some great & brand new free courses.

β€’ Styling and Tailwind CSS
β€’ Optimizing Fonts and Images
β€’ Creating Layouts and Pages
β€’ Navigating Between Pages
β€’ Setting Up Your Postgres Database
β€’ Fetching Data with Server Components
β€’ Static and Dynamic Rendering
β€’ Streaming
β€’ Partial Prerendering (Optional)
β€’ Adding Search and Pagination
β€’ Mutating Data
β€’ Handling Errors
β€’ Improving Accessibility
β€’ Adding Authentication
β€’ Adding Metadata

Happy to see your opinion on these changes.
Connect for more :)

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