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Beginner Road Map Of Flutter Developer

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  1. Week 1 Setup dev environment and learn Dart programming language
  • Set dev environment
  • Learn Dart programming Language (You can use dart's website or other social media for this)
  1. Week 2
  • Create your first Flutter Project and understand project structure

  • Understand widgets

  • Ui widgets

  • Layouts

  • Take a walk through everything important in Flutter (ex : Navigation and more..)

  • Build a good application using the knowledge you have gained so far

  1. Week 3
  • Use External packages

  • Networking
    Crud(Create, Read, Update, Delete) Operations.

  • Try making a clone of an app you like

  1. Week 4
  • Firebase (Auth, FireStore, Storage, Push Notification, Cloud functions)

  • Develope Complete Grocery App with Firebase Backend.

In the following weeks

Now is to improve your skill. Try to learn many advanced things along with it

Happy Coding 💞😗

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Muhammed ameen

Great work

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