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I created a React & Redux Boilerplate

muhammadwasif profile image Muhammad Wasif ・1 min read

It's always awful to start an app from scratch. Specially with React, you always need to delete some files in boilerplate created with create-react-app. And adding Redux is also another big problem and it takes much of time.
To make your task easy, I've created a boilerplate for React and Redux. It includes setup for
1: React
2: Redux
3: styled-components
4: react-animations
One important thing, people always worry about creating a PWA with React. I've also added all the features of PWA. The app has working service workers and is installable.
Here's the repo:
If you're an open-source lover, don't forget to add more features used mostly by creating a pull request.
And don't forget to start the repo, if you like the boilerplate.


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