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SDK is "safe"?

Have you read my previous article about "what is SDK?". If not, then first read out this article what is SDK? Here i briefly explain about what factor would be checked after integrating SDKs.

Now lets move to next read,

How do we know SDK we are implementing is safe and secure

  • Most of the time we have seen that malicious SDKs can violet user data privacy, damage app performance or even apps to be banned from Google Play Store or App Store.

  • SDKs can be unsafe because they are implanted within apps, but yet run separate code.

  • We must be sure before integrating and implementing SDKs that it not been infected by malware or leaking unapproved data to an external site.

  • SDKs should be transparent about what the data is capturing.

  • We have to implement licensed SDKs because they have diversified the product knowledge in their description.

  • Sometime we have adding those SDKs where they have no proper documentation, how to use SDK.

  • Some Third party SDKs capturing users data but not include it on documentation. Proper documentation would get benefit.

  • SDKs must be compliance from GDPR or CCPA.

  • Before the release of our app into the market we need to ensure the app undergoes scanning and there are no security issues.

  • If issues are identified then based on classification we may not be able to deploy.

Hope this will be helpful points that i share with you to understand. More articles related to this will coming soon...

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