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Destructuring Objects in javascript

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Destructuring is a better way to get the values from array and objects with a concise code. let’s deep dive into it.

Let’s suppose you have the following object:

const FullName = {
  firstName: 'Muhammad',
  lastName: 'Awais'

in the normal scenario, to get the firstname and lastname from the object, you have to create new variables and assign the object values in them, like below:

let firstName = FullName.firstName // Muhammad
let lastName = FullName.lastName // Awais

While in using destructuring you can do above thing in a most better way:

let { firstName, lastName } = FullName

console.log(firstName) // Muhammad
console.log(lastName) // Awais

behind the scenes, {} are telling javascript to generate the aforementioned variables and assign the object values in it, es6 power is used here.

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