Trying Flutter Web

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Google just released flutter for the web. This is awesome. With flutter, you will be able to use a single codebase to develop iOS App, Android App, Desktop App, Web and Embedded ๐ŸŒŸ

flutter multi platform

We'll give it a shot

Getting Started

Install Flutter / Upgrade Flutter

Follow the installation path here on Flutter Official Docs

Or just upgrade it if have ever installed it

flutter upgrade


Create new project

You can either clone flutter/flutter_web. like so

# Clone
git clone https://github.com/flutter/flutter_web

# cd into example dir
cd flutter_web/examples/hello_world

# Activate web build tool
flutter packages pub global activate webdev

Or just use Visual Studio Code. Install Dart Code & Flutter Plugins.

And then cmd + shift + p (on mac) or ctrl + shift + p (on windows/linux).
And type >Flutter: New Web Project

After it's done. Go to main.dart and press F5(Debug shortcut) on your laptop. Or Press โ–ถ๏ธ on Macbook Pro Touchbar

That's it. Look at this beauty ๐Ÿ’™


I'll post more updates about flutter web. I'll let you guys know via my twitter @muhajirdev

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dfelten profile image
Daniel Felten

Thanks for the article. But currently a shared code basis is not possible between flutter web and a mobile flutter app.

Using the same code is at least in the tech preview not supported:

You have a dependency on `flutter` which is not supported for flutter_web tech preview.
You have a dependency on `flutter_test` which is not supported for flutter_web tech preview.
seiyial profile image

Yup we're all waiting for them to merge flutter_web and flutter but the hype is real!

exequielc profile image

I've already have a project for IOS and Android how about that. How build this projects for webdev ? can you helpme? thanks

sebtardif profile image
Sebastien Tardif

I did the same with the super simple flutter_view example, which is one button and the button shows but doesn't execute. Flutter web is not not working.