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Coming to Web3 from Web2

As a backend developer that's curious about web3, I have, so far learnt that the two webs differ in the following very basic and simple ways.

  • In the very ancient world of web2 that we're coming from, where we still use usernames and passwords to authenticate, We store all data, including user data, pertaining to an application centrally(in one place), usually controlled by a single entity.

This is not the case in the very progressive and futuristic world of web3 that you are about to enter. in our bright new world, data is stored on the blockchain, this means it's not stored at just a single place, yeah, i know what your'e thinking, Database?!

well, it's pretty easy to explain my friend, there's no single database. it's all distributed across different nodes on the blockchain. Think of it this way, if you were to write your name on a single piece of paper and keep it inside a locker at home, then you know exactly where your paper is, and if someone where to break your locker and take it away, then it's gone. That's basically how it works in web2.

Now, imagine if you wrote your name on a piece of paper, and then thousands of little copies of that paper are made and distributed and registered across the world. Now, your paper is everywhere. No one can steal it and deny your the pleasure of reading your name on your paper, because you can just easily get it from another source that registered it. No one person or entity controls or can take it down. This means there is no single point of failure.
And that, my very dear old friend, is how web3 works!

In a summarised one sentence, Web3 is basically a database on a blockchain!

  • Oh, yeah. authentication is also pretty simple, you just connect your wallet and it's done. No need to input any usernames and passwords. this means you get to keep your own data yourself and only present them where you want to. Imagine using the same credentials for every application or website that you want to visit and interact with. This is actually possible in web3, in fact, that's how it's done.

This isn't the case with web2 where you have to send in your details to every new app or platform that you want to register on.

That's all folks.

ps, I just enrolled in a cool new web3 internship organised by Blockgames, Nestcoin, and Zuriteam it's pretty fascinating so far. wagmi

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