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Control inbound/outbound traffic using AWS Security Groups

AWS Security group is like a virtual firewall within a VPC that acts at the instance level and not at a subnet level. Security groups have a set of rules to allow/disallow incoming/outgoing traffic from an instance.

Creating a security group is a fairly simple Task. From EC2 console, select "Security Groups" under Network & Security section
AWS Security Groups

Click 'Create security group'
Create AWS Security Group from EC2

Give any meaningful name and a description, enter in the ID of the VPC in which you want to create the security group
Security Group Setting from AWS EC2

Click 'Add rule' within the Inbound rules section and add HTTP and HTTPS and set the source to 'Anywhere' in both
AWS Inbound Rules for Security Groups

Leave the Outbound rules section as it is (unless you want to change something) and click 'Create security group'
Outbound rules in AWS Security Group

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