re: Is the Tailwind approach a big step forward for CSS or just-yet-another-thing? VIEW POST

re: Just a minor thing, but I believe Tailwind's @apply is a PostCSS directive, even if Sass provided that directive first. Definitely agree something...

You're right, of course (since Tailwind needs PostCSS to function properly for most applications). I use Nuxt, so I'm used to over-abstraction to the point where "it just works", so I tend to forget where things actually come from.

Nuxt is pretty awesome too (even though I haven't gotten to use it extensively yet). Love Vue!

Also, no worries. Was mainly mentioning for others who would read. I'm really glad Tw has this directive too. I haven't yet, but I have some Vue components I'm thinking of taking the Tw classes from and turning into CSS components—small things that make sense now that I've used Tw on this one project for a while. This directive will really come in handy in this case.

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