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Why everyone should read the almanack of Naval Ravikant

Last week someone introduced to naval ravikant and well I have to say he is really smart. I found a book about him called the almanack of Naval Ravikant. I'm halfway through it and I really love it and I think everyone should read it.Naval is a software engineer and a tech investor.

The book talks about authenticity at some point and it made me reflect about my tech projects. Most portfolios have the same E-commerce website, todo list, Tic Tac Toe,weather apps. Even though these are great projects they are everywhere and they can be found on YouTube with one search.And for a recruiter who has had alot of experience they'll be demotivated and you will be a basic applicant who doesn't stand out.
I believe that as a software engineer you should have all these projects to show that you can do what a basic applicant can do and add other projects that target a specific niche of people in your area or on the internet and is being used in their daily life. You should also contribute to a couple of open source projects so that you show your ability to repair code.

Imagine if netflix was open source and it has a glitch that has been happening for days that has been overlooked and a person fixes it. Wouldn't you be impressed. That person can be you and you can impress a recruiter.
You can't start from the top with fixing open source material but you should start from somewhere. There alot of open source projects with spelling mistakes go there and fix them.

So my main core thoughts in this chunk of words is be authentic and work smart and hard.

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