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Mtende Otis II
Mtende Otis II

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Should you write pseudocode?

In my early days of learning web dev I would literally just go in straight up and start writing the first thing thats on my mind.Did it work for me? yes. Was it the best approach? No. Sometimes I would get stuck and spend hours on a basic issue mostly because I became burnt out.
After having one of my biggest code choke I resorted to writing pseudocode and I'm proud to say it's the best and smoothest coding experience. I currently love to spend an average of an hour developing pseudocode.

My favourite resource is resource

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Marissa B

Yes you absolutely should if that's how you're learning to plan things out. I still do it for complex sections or things that are partially completed (i.e. what future Marissa has to do next time she looks at this code). It's great for explaining ideas to others in a language agnostic way too.

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Joe Mainwaring

Do I write pseudocode today? Yes.
Do I always write pseudocode before I start building? No.

Pseudocode is simply one tool in the toolbox I call my skillset, and like all tools - it's best suited for specific kinds of jobs and situations. I don't write pseudocode when I'm asked to implement something I've done many times before, but if I'm solving something with a new type of complexity - it's extremely useful to map out my initial attempt.