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Mtende Otis II
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New tech resolution

A couple of days ago I stumbled into Linus trovald's (the guy who created Linux) GitHub account and I was really amazed to see that he still codes. His commit calender showed that he makes a push almost everyday, he currently has somewhere about 2093 contributions in the last year. What got me wondering was the fact that he still codes am like you are already rich. Then I evaluated this thought and his action and I came to a conclusion that he probably does it because he loves tech he loves what he created. I also love tech but I sometimes don't commit. This sparked a self evaluation episode. I came to the conclusion that loving something without displine is useless. So from now on I will work really hard and try to make a commit at least once a day. That's the only way for me to become better. Even if I don't have a new project I will go back to my projects and add small new features.

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