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Error lens extension in Visual Code for C#

mteheran profile image Miguel Teheran ・1 min read

Error lens is an amazing extension in Visual Code that shows you all the errors and warnings in realtime when you working on a file or you open a new project.

First, just to clarify, this extension is available for many programming languages an technologies. Even though you are not a C# developer you can try this extension out with Javascript, Python, etc...

After installing Error lens, you only need to open or edit a file to see the effect and the validations of this extension in real-time.

The following is a list of common errors and warning in C# detected by Error lens

  1. Unnecessary using:

  2. End of Line:

  3. Namespace missing:

  4. Misspell:

Error lens also has a configuration settings section. You can set a delay to show the errors and change the colors for each type of error.

The official repository in git:

Try it out!!

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