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Error lens extension in Visual Code for C#

Error lens is an amazing extension in Visual Code that shows you all the errors and warnings in realtime when you working on a file or you open a new project.

First, just to clarify, this extension is available for many programming languages an technologies. Even though you are not a C# developer you can try this extension out with Javascript, Python, etc...

After installing Error lens, you only need to open or edit a file to see the effect and the validations of this extension in real-time.

The following is a list of common errors and warning in C# detected by Error lens

  1. Unnecessary using:

  2. End of Line:

  3. Namespace missing:

  4. Misspell:

Error lens also has a configuration settings section. You can set a delay to show the errors and change the colors for each type of error.

The official repository in git:

Try it out!!

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