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Hahnode Weekly 005 Limited Edition by Miki Szeles AKA The Big Delete

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The Remainings of The Deceased Hashnode Weekly 005

too. Read more here: Migrating to Germany as a Software DeveloperRichard Gichuki is a young graduate from Kenya. He has a civil engineer background,d but he turned towards software development. You can find his introduction here: Civil Engineer to Software Developer

  • Minnie: We are ready. That was a rather lengthy interview.
  • Miki: Yeah, sure, but it was not as dry as the previous ones.
  • Minnie: Miki, we still have a few sentences to say, but we already have 54 minutes. I think you will get the longest harticle on the Hashnode badge with it.
  • Miki: It would be awesome. But there is a problem.
  • Minnie: What is it?
  • Miki: There is no such badge. Not yet. Not yet.
  • Minnie: Miki, you cheeky bastard. Where is the link for the feature request?
  • Miki: Here it is. Please upvote. 👍

  • Minnie: It is already Tuesday, and you have not read a single harticle yet. Do you think you can still create Hashnode Weekly 006?

  • Miki: I have high doubts. I am on holiday with my family, so I only have time while they are sleeping. Except for t for his time, I got a few extra hours yesterday to finish this article, but I did not make it.

  • Minnie: So what is your plan?

  • Miki: To post the Hashnode Weekly less frequently.

  • Minnie: But don' you think our readers will be mad at us.

  • Miki: It is possible, but I will make it somehow if they show their interest by reacting and commenting to this harticle.

  • Minnie: And what if they won't like it?

  • Miki: Then I guess I will be more strict and read fewer harticle.

  • Minnie: Fair enough.

  • Minnie: I have noticed you are constantly changing your style. Don't you afraid we will lose our readers?

  • Miki: I don't want to persuade anyone to read my articles. There are so many spectacular fellow hloggers they can follow. This is who I am: a constantly moving target. I am always looking for improvements, so I have to experiment.

  • Minnie: For example, you have this new conversational style. By the way, thanks for letting me speak too.

  • Miki: It is my pleasure, Minnie. I like this format for multiple reasons.

  • Minnie: What are they?

  • Miki: First, I can show my thinking process to my readers, and I can also answer any questions which might pop into their minds.

  • Minnie: Sound good. What is the other?

  • Miki: It is much more probable that people are joining an existing conversation than contacting a speaker who is talking alone.

  • Minnie: I see. I am still curious what our readers think about this new conversational style. So let's ask them. 3..2..1..Go!

  • Miki, Minnie: Dear readers! Do you like What do you think about this new conversational style? Share your thought in the QA section!.

  • Minnie: Why did you change the question?

  • Miki: Because, in case you want a real conversation, you have to ask open-ended questions. Do not you think?

  • Minnie: Yes, I think so.

  • Miki: Do you see it?

  • Minnie: Oh Miki, you tricked me again.

  • Minnie: Miki, people are talking. I heard rumours you are working on a new series called Science for Kids (and for adults too).

  • Miki: Yes, that is true. My 8-year-old son, Levi, inspired me.

  • Minnie: But you are an adult. How will you talk to the kids?

  • Miki: I am not an adult. However, I have grey hair. I am still a kid inside.

  • Minnie: Me too. So what will you write about?

  • Miki: I will teach the kids how to sort using the comb sort algorithm.

  • Minnie: Why would kids be interested in sorting algorithms?

  • Miki: As I won't talk about algorithms, we will play with Fifa 365 football cards.

  • Minnie: Seriously? How?

  • Miki: Haha. I won't tell. Just read my upcoming article.

  • Minnie: Do you think you can make some change in education on your own?

  • Miki: Of course, no. But I am pretty sure many of my fellow parents have at least one similar fable in their pocket.

  • Minnie: Yeah. I also have one about Edward De Bono's six thinking hats.

  • Miki: I am eagerly waiting to read your story.

  • Minnie: We will get there too in a couple of weeks. But Miki, how will you make sure we can find other people's posts on the internet?

  • Miki: I would like to keep this series on Hashnode, but as there is no "Science for Kids" tag yet, I have created a feature request. Please upvote!. 👍

  • Minnie: What about parents who do not want to use Hashnode?

  • Miki: Then they should use the #scienceforkids hashtag.

  • Minnie: Ok. And what about parents who do not know how to write or publish an article?

  • Miki: I will happily help them. They can contact me via Facebook.

  • Minnie: I think that is the perfect thought with which we can close this conversation.

  • Minnie: I see you have created the cover illustration already. Can we publish the article?

  • Miki: Well. We have a little problem.

  • Minnie: What is it?

  • Miki: Do you remember we have employed a writing expert Grammarly Premium to raise our writing quality to the next level?

  • Minnie: Yeah, I am pleased about that. So what is the problem?

  • Miki: She made a few suggestions.

  • Minnie: Nooo. How many?

  • Miki: 619!!!

Thank you very much, dear readers, for joining us for today's Hashnode Weekly.

  • Miki: Thank you very much too.
  • Miki, Minnie: To make sure the whole world can read awesome harticles from fellow hloggers, I kindly ask you to share this post on social media!

WTF just happened?

  • Minnie: Hey, Miki! What was this?
  • Miki: These were the remainings of deceased the Hashnode Weekly 005.
  • Minnie: No way. I can't believe this. Sorry for your loss Miki.
  • Miki: Sorry for your loss Minnie.
  • Minnie: What has happened?
  • Miki: Do you remember we employed a new writing expert to raise our writing quality to the next level?
  • Minnie: Sure. It was my suggestion.
  • Miki: No, it was mine, but it does not matter. So after around 15 hours of writing, I ended up with a more 10000 words article with a more than 60 minutes read time. I think I broke the Guinness record of the longest harticle.
  • Minnie: That is awesome. By the way, I think you broke your record, which you earned with Why You Always Have To Close Your Article With A Call To Action AKA A Brief Introduction To Hashnode Widgets By Miki Szeles. It had 42 minutes of reading time. I doubt there are any harticles longer than this.
  • Miki: It is possible, Minnie, but I cannot be happy about this. I could cry.
  • Minnie: What has happened exactly?
  • Miki: Right after I finished writing Hashnode Weekly 005, I consulted with our writing expert Grammarly Premium, and she suggested more than 600 changes.
  • Minnie: Wow. That is brutal.
  • Miki: Yeah. So I started to quickly check them one by one and approve most of them. Then when there were only around 50 remaining suggestions, I went to preview mode to check how it looked, then I realised a tragedy had happened.
  • Minnie: What kind of tragedy?
  • Miki: Our good old Grammarly mother deleted 95% of my harticle.
  • Minnie: No, waaaay. Why did not you use the undo operation?
  • Miki: Cause Hashnode does not save the change history when you switch between writing and preview mode.
  • Minnie: What a pity. Have you.
  • Miki: Yes, here is the feature request link. Please upvote! 👍
  • Minnie: Wow, Miki. You can see into my mind.
  • Miki: Well, we have a shared memory.
  • Minnie: So true, Miki, so accurate. I am pretty sure you did not give up so quickly. So what else did you try? Miki: As I enabled GitHub backup, I went immediately to GitHub to realise articles are only saved when either you publish them or update them, but drafts are not saved at all. Here is the feature request. Please upvote! 👍
  • Minnie: What else?
  • Miki: I checked whether I could get it back from google cache.
  • Minnie: I guess it did not work as it was not seen by google yet.
  • Miki: Yeah, you are right. So I tried to get it back from the local Chrome cache. But that does not save history, so I could only get back to the latest state.
  • Minnie: Anything else?
  • Miki: Sure. I tried to hit the back button a few times. Maybe it would work, but it did not.
  • Minnie: You tried hard, Miki.
  • Miki: That is not all. I have searched on google maybe Windows 10 automatically backs up my files. But no, it does not back up the Chrome local cache. It would not make sense for most of the users.
  • Minnie: Yeah, sure. I still have an idea.
  • Miki: What is it?
  • Minnie: You could contact Hashnode Support as they probably have a daily backup from which they can get back your draft.
  • Miki: Already done. I contacted Eleftheria Batsou and Sandro Volpicella.
  • Minnie: Then you are saved, Miki. They are very kind and helpful people.
  • Miki: Yeah, I know, but they probably said they wouldn't be able to get it back, but they are still trying.
  • Minnie: That is very nice of them.
  • Miki: I think so.
  • Minnie: Miki, I think we can still build a castle from this sh*t.
  • Miki: How Minnie? How?
  • Minnie: Don't ask, just follow me.
  • Miki: Ok.
  • Minnie: How many harticles did you collect last week?
  • Miki: 77.
  • Minnie: Wow. That might be a new record in the short but successful life of Hashnode Weekly.
  • Miki: Yeah, it is possible?
  • Minnie: And how many of them you featured.
  • Miki: Zero.
  • Minnie. What? People like featured articles, and people like being featured, as you let them know they have done something spectacular.
  • Miki: That is true, Minnie, but I realised I like all the harticles, so instead of making a competition of this, I put articles into the spotlight.
  • Minnie: Isn't this the same Miki.
  • Miki: No, it is not.

Today in Spotlight 🔦: Jorge Romero

  • Minnie: Umm. Okay. So who did you put into the main spotlight?
  • Miki: Jorge Romero.
  • Minnie: Why?
  • Miki: That guy annoys me like hell.
  • Minnie: Why, Miki? Why?
  • Miki: He writes and posts a harticle each day.
  • Minnie: Sorry, what?
  • Miki: Let me repeat it. He writes a harticle each day.
  • Minnie: OMG. But why does that disturb you?
  • Miki: Cause I cannot bear being second.
  • Minnie: Fair enough. Is there anything else annoying in him?
  • Miki: Yes. He always has a unique cover image.
  • Minnie: I see, but you also composite your cover images on your own to resonate with your writing.
  • Miki: Yes, but this guy is drawing his cover images with his bare hands.
  • Minnie: I can't believe that.
  • Miki: It is valid for sure. Here is one of his articles: 01. Lygometry. He was figuring out what I don't know yet.
  • Minnie: I have to admit that mushroom is gorgeous.
  • Miki: On whose side you are, Minnie?
  • Minnie: Of course, I am on your side, Miki. But I still love it. By the way, I tried to scan this harticle, but I couldn't understand half of it.
  • Miki: That is another thing that annoys me like hell. This guy is knowledgeable in every topic in the world. In every topic.
  • Minnie: I can believe that. Is there anything else that annoys you?
  • Miki: Yeah, for sure. Every time I check Hashnode Top 10 on Discord, this guy is always there. Almost always.
  • Minnie: I can understand, Miki. Why do you hate this guy?
  • Miki: I hope you heard the irony in my voice!
  • Minnie: Irony? Umm. Sure, Miki. Sure.
  • Miki: And do you know what is the worst thing in this situation, Minnie?
  • Minnie: Nope.
  • Miki: I cannot be angry at him, as right after I have announced the Selenideium Element Inspector Bounty Hunting Reward Program, this guy immediately submitted a bugfix.
  • Minnie: No way. How rude is that!
  • Miki: Yeah, I think so. I know he only wants the ☕s
  • Minnie: ☕s?
  • Miki: Yeah, I invite anyone to a cup of ☕ who contributes to this project. I want to build a helpful community around this open-source project, so it is the perfect opportunity put your feet on the land of open source.
  • Minnie: I want ☕s Miki. I will go and contribute to the project.
  • Miki: You cannot even code in Javascript.
  • Minnie: Not yet, Miki. Not yet. I think it is enough from Jorge Romero. Let's see who else can we hate this time.
  • Miki: I don't hate anyone.
  • Minnie: Me neither, Miki. Except sometimes you.
  • Miki: Same here.

Today in Spotlight 🔦: Parvin Eyvazov and his band JSON-Translator.

  • Minnie: So who was in the spotlight from the Software Development and Testing category?
  • Miki: It was Parvin Eyvazov and his band JSON-Translator.
  • Minnie: And what is JSON-Translator?
  • Miki: That is an excellent tool with which you can translate your language JSON files to any language supported by Google Translate, which I guess means all the wording of the world.
  • Minnie: Wow. Miki. That is pure awesomeness.
  • Miki: I know Minnie. Damn, I hate this guy too. I wish it would be my project.
  • Minnie: But wait, Miki. It can still be your project. This is an open-source project, so that you can contribute to it anytime.
  • Miki: Fair enough. I even suggested to my colleagues to use it as, at the moment, our solution Adamos only supports English and German.
  • Minnie: And?
  • Miki: Well, I learned that we are employing a professional translator company as our texts are very domain-specific. But I will use it if I implement UI for Selenideium Element Inspector.
  • Minnie: Any last words about JSON-Translator, Miki?
  • Miki: Yep. I came up with a catchy title.
  • Minnie: What is it?
  • Miki: JSON Translator - Let your app speak to your users in their language - An AI-based solution.
  • Minnie: The first part is catchy, but why did you write an AI-based solution?
  • Miki: No matter how good your product is, nobody will give a sh*t in case you do not put the AI buzzword on it.
  • Minnie: Fair enough, Miki. Fair enough.

Today in Spotlight 🔦: Hashnode Toolbox

  • Minnie: As far as I remember, your second category is always "Writing, Blogging and Journaling".
  • Miki: Yes, that is true.
  • Minnie: So who is in the spotlight today?
  • Miki: Hashnode Toolbox.
  • Minnie: Hashnode what?
  • Miki: I think you see why I am featuring them.
  • Minnie: So what is Hashnode Toolbox?
  • Miki: Did you know Hashnode has its writing team?
  • Minnie: No way. I did not know that.
  • Miki: Me neither up till I read Andrei Tiburca's Top 10 Free Blogging Platforms for Developers In-depth Review harticle. In the end, I saw it was published on Hashnode Toolbox, so I followed the white rabbit, and that is the story of finding Hashnode Toolbox.
  • Minnie: Cool. Can you tell me precisely what it is?
  • Miki: The Hashnode Toolbox is where a handful of writers share their favourite tools, conferences, books, courses, and more.
  • Minnie: Such a lovely sentence.
  • Miki: It is not my sentence, bro.
  • Minnie: Sis. But where did you steal it from?
  • Miki: From here.
  • Minnie: I will be honest, Miki, there are dozens of similar sites on the internet. Why should I care about Hashnode Toolbox?
  • Miki: Well, they even have a goal, which is not that usual nowadays.
  • Minnie: What is it?
  • Miki: To become the go-to resource for developers and people in tech. If you are looking for the best deals and getting the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to development resources, the Toolbox is the place to find them.
  • Minnie: Fair enough. I am starting to love this team. Is it possible to join them? Who are they looking for?
  • Miki: Yeah, sure. They are looking for hloggers passionate about technology and who is knowledgeable in writing and SEO.
  • Minnie: Mikiiii. It seems like the perfect fit for us. We should apply.
  • Miki: I already did. But I am afraid you cannot apply as there is a catch here.
  • Minnie: What is it?
  • Miki: You already have to have some high-quality harticles.
  • Minnie: But Miki, we have already published 40 harticles so that I can apply.
  • Miki: Listen, Minnie! How many articles have you published under your name?
  • Minnie: Ummm. Zero.
  • Miki: You got the point, right?
  • Minnie: Mikki. Can you please lend me some article? I really would like to join the Hashnode Toolbox.
  • Miki: We will solve Minnie. We will solve it.
  • Minnie: Thanks, Miki. You are kind as usual.
  • Miki: But be cautious. There is another catch here.
  • Minnie: I knew it sounded too good to be true. What is it then?
  • Miki: They pay $300/harticle.
  • Minnie: Wait, what? $300/harticle for something I loves doing? I can't believe it. This must be some scam.
  • Miki: I doubt it, but we will find out soon.

Today in Spotlight 🔦: Sylvia F. and the dyslexia

  • Minnie: Miki, your next section is always Productivity, Psychology, Learning, Self-improvement, Time Management and Everything Else you Cannot Fit Into Other Categories. Who was in the spotlight here?
  • Miki: It was Sylvia F. and the Dyslexia.
  • Minnie: Why?
  • Miki: Can you imagine Sylvia having to struggle with this every day?
  • Minnie: OMG. That s*cks.
  • Miki: Yes, I think so. Still, Sylvia was able to beat this bastard, and she became a self-taught developer. I can highly relate to her, as despite not having a constant learning diffculty, there were two periods in my life when I was deeply struggling with learning.
  • Minnie: Strange. I can't remember that.
  • Miki: It is because you did not exist at that time.
  • Minnie: Fair enough. Can you tell us about them?
  • Miki: Sure. The first one was in grammar school. I was pretty good in Math and Computer Science, but I struggled with Hungarian Grammar, Literature, Geography and History.
  • Minnie: That suc*s. Those are the essential subjects to make sure you will be able to deal with life as a grown-up.
  • Miki: Sure, Minnie. Sure.
  • Minnie: And what was the other period?
  • Miki: Well, that was not so long ago. It ended a few months ago.
  • Minnie: Really? Tell us about it?
  • Miki: The last few years were the worst period of my life, both personally and professionally.
  • Minnie: Really? I cannot see that on you.
  • Miki: Really. I had depression for several years, and I was the perfect exemplar of the impostor syndrome. My mind was constantly spinning around negative thoughts, and I couldn't think and learn at all. Whatever I read, I forgot immediately. I went so deep I knew I was the worst developer.
  • Minnie: I am sorry, Miki. I saw many fellow hloggers who were brave enough to post their stories about these problems. Do not you want to write your own story? It could be helpful for the readers.
  • Miki: I already wrote it under the title "Confessions of a Software Developer". But I was not brave enough to post it.
  • Minnie: I can understand that Miki, who knows, maybe the time will come.

Today in Spotlight 🔦: Roshaan and her Bad Art

  • Minnie: Who is the next one in the spotlight?
  • Miki: It is Roshaan and her bad art, but I will be honest I do not remember what was the category.
  • Minnie: Never mind. Why did you choose her?
  • Miki: As again, I can highly relate to her. She has stopped painting as she felt she is not good at it. I went through the same with my photography.
  • Minnie: I wrote a few hundred words, but I won't repeat them. If somebody is interested in it, he/she/it can contact me anytime.
  • Miki: Fair enough.

Today in Spotlight 🔦: Amisina Juniors Academy

  • Minnie: Let's talk about Data Analysis. Whom did you put into the spotlight this time?
  • Miki: Amisina Juniors Academy and the Python Online Training Will Teach You How To Use Python For Data Analysis. Cause I love both data analysis and Python.
  • Minnie: I checked the link, but I think there must be something wrong here as it points to Python training for kids.
  • Miki: It is possible, but it is also possible that it is intentional. The techniques kids can learn effectively are also working for adults, which is not true vice-versa.
  • Minnie: Ok, but there is a catch here. It is not free. You have to pay for it.
  • Miki: There is nothing wrong with getting paid for all the time you put into making yourself an expert, mainly if you teach the next generation.

Today in Spotlight 🔦: Lorena Gongang and the DIY Sentiment Analysis

  • Minnie: What about SEO, Sentiment analysis and marketing? By the way, what is sentiment analysis?
  • Miki: It analyses how people talk about you in the online world. There are many paid tools for that, but Lorena developed her solution and shared it with the world.
  • Minnie: That is pure awesomeness.
  • Miki: Yes, it is.

Today in The Spotlight 🔦: Atharva Malvade and the Bandwith

  • Minnie: Hey, Miki. I saw this time you brought the Bandwidth from Atharva Malvade.
  • Miki: Yes. And?
  • Minnie: Do you have a separate Networks section?
  • Miki: Nope.
  • Minnie: Then why did you do that?
  • Miki: I want to find out how many of my readers remember this?:
  • Minnie: That was horrible. My ears hurt. It is like two robots are talking to each other.
  • Miki: You are very close, Minnie. You are very close.

Today in The Spotlight 🔦: Bushra Nazish And The Markdown

  • Minnie: Mikie. Do not say to me you also have a section for Markdown.
  • Miki: Of course not, Minnie. But I have an idea.
  • Minnie: What is it, Miki?
  • Miki: My idea is to make the Spotlight category independent.
  • Nikolai: You are an idiot Miki; if you put more than one thing in the spotlight, you lose the spotlight's primary goal to draw the focus on exactly one item.
  • Miki, Minnie: Hello Nikolai. How is it going?
  • Nikolai: Life suc*s as usual. I just applied Hashnode Toolbox, but they turned me down.
  • Minnie: Really? Why?
  • Nikolai: They said I am a too black-hatted person.
  • Minnie: Nevermind, Nikolai. We still highly admire your work. Right, Miki?
  • Miki: What? Ah. Yes. Sure. The world without you would be much less fun.
  • Nikolai: Thanks, guys. I appreciate your kind words, even if you have no idea what are you talking about. I have to leave. Bye!
  • Miki, Minnie: Bye.
  • Minnie: Phew. I haven't heard he is here.
  • Miki: He is always here. Always.
  • Minnie: So what did you bring to us regarding Markdown?
  • Miki: - Bushra Nazish's Markdown basics article.
  • Minnie: But Miki, you are improved so much in markdown recently, you even became a markdown purist by writing your articles in Notepad++ not using the additional features of the Hashnode markdowns.
  • Miki: Yeah, that is true. I almost closed the article at the half, but luckily I didn't.
  • Minnie: What has happened?
  • Miki: I found something new.
  • Minnie: Really?
  • Miki: Yeah.# Click here to learn something new! You can easily create collapsible by using the following code:<details> <summary> Click here to learn something new! </summary> You can easily create collapsible by using the following code: </details>

Blockchain, Crypto - In The Spotlight 🔦: Aping NFTs

  • Minnie: Hey Miki, I know you are not into blockchain and crypto. Am I right?
  • Miki: Lamboooo!
  • Minnie: Sorry, what?
  • Miki: Lamboooo!
  • Minnie: What is wrong with you?
  • Miki: Lamboooo! Lamboooo! Lamboooo!
  • Minnie: Miki! I am scared as hell.
  • Miki: Lamboooo!
  • Minnie: Nikolai! Are you here?
  • Miki: Lamboooo!
  • Nikolai: Sure, I am here.
  • Miki: Lamboooo!
  • Minnie: What has happened to Miki?
  • Miki: Lamboooo!
  • Nikolai: I think he became the victim of Aping.
  • Miki: Lamboooo!
  • Minnie: I have never heard of that. What is it?
  • Miki: Lamboooo!
  • Nikolai: Just read @xuanling11's Crypto Comics - What is Aping writing report, and you will get it.
  • Minnie: Ah. You are right, Nikolai. What should we do?
  • Nikolai: Lamboooo!
  • Minnie: What?
  • Miki, Nikolai: Lamboooo!
  • Minnie: Nooooombooo.
  • Nikolai: Lamboooo!
  • Miki: Lamboooo!
  • Minnie: Uncle Nikolaus. Are you still here? I need your help.
  • Miki: Lamboo!
  • Uncle Nikolaus: Lambooo-ho-ho dear kids.
  • Minnie: Luckily. What should we do?
  • Nikolai: Lamboo!
  • Uncle Nikolas: I have no idea.
  • Miki: Lamboooo!
  • Minnie: I know what we should do. I saw the word NFT too much recently. Maybe we can turn it to our advantage.
  • Miki, Nikolai: Lamboo!
  • Uncle Nikolaus: How?
  • Minnie: We should promise them that we will make an NFT from some of their photos if 1000 hlogger tells them they are interested in their upcoming writings.
  • Miki: Lamboooo!
  • Uncle Nikolaus: Great idea, but I doubt Miki will reach 1000 followers.
  • Nikolai: Lamboo!
  • Minnie: Well, I am a positive person, but ok, then change it to 500.
  • Uncle Nikolaus: Miki, Nikolai! Listen to me! If you reach 500 hollowers, we will make an NFT from 8 of your photographs.
  • Miki: What has happened? Can you please repeat it?
  • Minnie: If you reach 500 hollowers, we will make an NFT from 8 of your photographs.
  • Nikolai: I have high doubts it will work.
  • Minnie: We cannot lose anything.
  • Nikolai: Except for 320 bucks.
  • Minnie: I will happily pay $320 to get back my Miki.
  • Nikolai: Fair enough.

Games, Game Development, Design, UX - In The Spotlight 🔦: Rohit Jaiswal and The Metaverse

  • Minnie: As far as I know, we only have one remaining topic. It is Games, Game Development, Design, UX
  • Miki: Yeah, you are right.
  • Minnie: Miki, I saw you have sold yourself and picked Metaverse instead of Mr Bud.
  • Miki: Yes, that is true. But luckily, Mr Bud is frequently posting, so I am sure he will be in the spotlight soon.
  • Minnie: But why did you do that, Miki? Why?
  • Miki: For two reasons: First Rohit Jaiswal's The Insider's Guide to Metaverse article is full of colourful images.
  • Minnie: Umm. Okay. What is the other?
  • Miki: I wanted to share my views about Metaverse, and I also would like to hear the thoughts of the fellow hloggers.
  • Minnie: Ok. So what do you think about Metaverse?
  • Miki: The coming of Metaverse was inevitable; it is the same as nuclear energy.
  • Minnie: But people made nuclear bombs from nuclear energy.
  • Miki: Yes, that is true, but they also made nuclear plants much cleaner than the usual energy sources.
  • Nikolai: Except for the remaining nuclear waste.
  • Miki: That is correct.
  • Minnie: So what is your point, Miki?
  • Miki: Metaverse is just a tool that can be used for both good and bad.
  • Minnie: Makes sense. Do you think Facebook Meta will use it for the good of people?
  • Miki: I have high doubts about that.
  • Minnie: Why?
  • Miki: Meta is a company from the business world, so their most important goal is to earn as much money as possible.
  • Minnie: So the idea of the Metaverse is completely flawed then?
  • Miki: No. But we should put it in the hands of non-profit organisations. Or they should come up with their Metaverse.
  • Minnie: Would that be good?
  • Miki: Sure. Just look at Jane McGonigal's SuperBetter(Android, iOS). She used gamification to help millions of people with anxiety and depression to recover from it.
  • Minnie: Wow, that is cool, Miki.
  • Miki: Yep. I brought Jane McGonigal's TED to talk to our readers, to inspire them and make them think. Here it is:
  • Minnie: This is so cool, Miki. By the way, I also heard you would have a TED talk soon.
  • Miki: Yep, I was chosen to speak at our company's TED talk HeiTED.
  • Minnie: That is cool. Are you excited?
  • Miki: Sure, but I am scared as hell.
  • Minnie: Why?
  • Miki: I found out I will be one of the opening bands before László Mérő's speech.
  • Minnie: Who is László Mérő?
  • Miki: He is a world-famous scientist. He is a psychologist and also a famous science writer. He wrote many excellent books about topics like Game Theory, and he even has his own game developer company.
  • Minnie: That is cool.
  • Nikolai: You can be happy you will have the first speech and do not have to talk after him. That would be very embarrassing.
  • Miki: I have to admit. You are right, Nikolai.
  • Minnie: I thought, Miki, we should create our non-profit organisation to do great things.
  • Nikolai: You would fail miserably.
  • Miki: You do not have to create a non-profit organisation to make good to people.
  • Minnie: Fair enough, Miki. Fair enough. Do you have any advice for the world regarding Metaverse?
  • Miki: It should be forbidden for children under 18!
  • Minnie: Makes sense, Miki.


  • Minnie: We have arrived at the end. Do you think we can still keep our readers with this short harticle?
  • Miki: I hope so.
  • Minnie: I think we can still do something to make this work?
  • Miki: I am full of ears.
  • Minnie: Well, this harticle is wholly messed up. So in case, we think a little bit positively, we can say this is a unique Hashnode Weekly that we never had before and which we will never have in the future.
  • Miki: Yeah. Sort of. So what should we do?
  • Minnie: We should put the label Limited Edition on it.
  • Miki: OMG. That is a fantastic idea. People are worshipping Limited Editions, which is usually just a way to get more money from them.
  • Minnie: Do you think we will be able to get more money from our readers?
  • Miki: I have doubts, but give it a try:
  • Minnie: Nice try, Miki. Nice try.

Miki, Minnie: Dear readers. Thank you very much for taking your time to read the resurrected Hashnode Weekly 005. We are pretty sure it was quite an unusual experience.

We would like to ask you to share this harticle on hscocial hmedia kindly, so the hwhole hworld hwould hbenefit hfrom the hawesome harticles of hfellow hloggers!

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  • Minnie: I like Marvel movies, not just because I love superheroes, but also because they always hide a short trailer after the cast list. Let us do the same too from now on.
  • Miki: Ok.
  • Minnie: So Miki, what will you write about next?
  • Miki: I will write about (IT) recruiters.
  • Minnie: Wow. Do you already have the title?
  • Miki: Sure:

My All-Time Top 3 Favourite (IT) Recruiters

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