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5 Tips for Winning in Sales Enablement in SMEs

mskshahrukh profile image Muhammad Shahrukh Khan ・4 min read

The milieu of the sales sector has comparatively transformed into a fast-driven and unanticipated space, which has brought about an immense competitive spree among the sales departments of different organizations. Therefore, SMEs or Small and Medium Enterprises should primarily form an effective sales enablement strategy for the sales representatives to assure the maintenance of the quality discussions with the potential leads that eventually initiate more profit.

It is an unfortunate fact that many SMEs find it difficult to process the sales enablement system fluently. Being inclined towards taking a casual approach is the primary blockade of the sales enablement process in a midsize organization. It has been reported via our Sales Enablement Research that firms having more commitment to sales enablement content, technology, and training have a 15% higher chance to close a deal as compared to a firm that resists this analytical procedure.

To drive more results, here are the following tips to examine on your sales enablement platform for driving a larger overall impact:

1) Provide your Sales Reps an Easy Access to Organized Content

Content has always been the king but when it gets managed with an unsystematic method, it goes unutilized. The sales manager needs to ensure that the content that is provided to sales reps should not be dispersed in various platforms or folders. The money and the time invested in organizing and assimilating that content would be entirely misused.

Saving the time and efforts of your salespersons shall significantly accelerate the sales procedure, boost leads or sales conversions, and advance a meaningful conversation between the salesperson and the prospective client. To facilitate the same, content management is necessary because it eases out the sales enablement training for the sales team before they present the final proposal.

As a sales team leader, ponder on advocating a sales enablement platform that is a convenient one-stop destination to store all your tools and content. To simplify the structure of all selling processes, make sure to integrate your existing CRM with the selected sales enablement tool. According to another Sales Enablement study, sales teams with a unifying and primary platform for content reported a 10% more winning rate than the teams without one.

2) Prevent Activities that won’t SELL

The content required by the sales team takes additional time to search, analyze, and accumulate. Since it has been established that hunting for content is not a piece of cake, it generally requires three to seven hours per week or more to explore the marketing material (such as demands or data insights of the customer/ company) for the prospective clients.

According to a study conducted by our 33R&D department, it has been revealed that only one-third of content for the utility of sales reps is produced by the marketing team. The remaining sources that can generate more content are product management, sales ops, or created by the sales reps. Finding and accumulating the content is a blockade that wastes the valuable time of the sales reps and consequently mitigates the sales performance. To combat this issue, content can be managed through effective sales enablement tools that buy them more selling time.

3) Sharing Knowledge and Practices should be Encouraged among Sales Reps

The dynamic nature of the sales department is intensified due to the constant fluctuation in the messaging of various products or services as the prospective customers keep on changing. Additionally, the company’s size and their present stage of the buying funnel are also in variation. Therefore, a sales department that has united working members, who are always enlightening each other with their plethora of experiences are always a step ahead of those who do not inherit the principles of teamwork, such as better communicating and listening skills. This helps in bringing awareness in the team about what is working better or whether the plan flopped or not. Regular meetings and strategizing should be encouraged by the sales managers. They should also advocate the use of the feedback process during their sales enablement training. The best-practices for sales reps should be shared in the team and access to the content should be made easier for everyone. This practice should be promoted to maximize the overall performance and effectiveness of the team. Make them engross the insights and plans of not only the sales teams but also the marketing department.

4) Recurring Onboard Training should be a Priority

One of the best and reliable ways to improve your performance as an SME is to repetitively organize sales enablement training sessions. No organization should compromise on the quality of the sales force as it would eventually impact the sales onboarding. Onboarding training can help in agile improvement in the closing of a deal as compared to a team that is not undergoing any training program. Therefore, to ensure sales readiness, it’s important to train your customer-facing professional before launching them on the battlefields.

5) Capitalize in Sales Technology

Generally, SMEs are deficient in having resources, time, or financial budget. This lack of supplies prevents them from optimizing and executing novel means of technology. The appropriate use of sales enablement technology is the key to unlock the door of accomplishing your set objectives and grabbing more deals to your pockets. It would aid in the improvement of sales performances and keep the sales reps motivated with user-friendly and easily accessible tools.

While hunting for the practical antidotes to combat the sales management issues, a rollout plan should always be reserved for future benefits. It should list out the details of the method you will follow to train your sales reps for sales enablement and researching for content. To close more deals with your prospects, ensure to build confidence in salespersons while they use them efficiently.

ENableU, one of the best Sales Enablement Platforms for sellers, delivers the finest solutions to any sales management team by empowering their sales structures, or sales enablement training process. Apart from these benefits, EnableU is also a wholesome content-oriented platform that offers excellent content repositories and playbooks that work towards benefitting the sellers. The objective is to offer a user-friendly and customer-oriented sales enablement with better tools and optimization process. EnableU is your one-stop solution to providing respite to the sales reps by preventing the worthless wastage of time and aiding them to win more customers.

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