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Get your Linux or Windows System Information

➑ I got this Idea while checking My System/Distro information πŸ—ƒ using Multiple Commands every time.

➑ plan to Write a Script to Fetch all System/Distro information in Single Command.

➑ I have a Confusion in choosing a Lang to Build this Script
Finally Got This Awesome Node Module πŸ‘‰ system information - Get our System & OS Information.

➑ Here is the Github Repository of My Script -

➑ Install via NPM

$ npm install -g mysystem-info
$ mysysinfo

πŸ—ƒ It Fetches the System/Distro

System Information

➑ Platform
➑ Distro
➑ Version
➑ Kernal Version
➑ Architecture
➑ System Memory
➑ Disk Size and
➑ TimeZone

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